Grove Chipboard - Black on Black

Elegant double chipboard photo frames are laminated in white on black, black|on black or white on white with a glassy finish and built in fold-out easel back.|Available in two sizes with horizontal or vertical formats.



Code Photo
150 300 450 600+ Decorating
PFN8401 4" x 6" 5½" x ¾" 4.55 4.37 4.21 4.06
PFN8402 5"x 7" 6½" x ¾" 4.85 4.66 4.49 4.32
Prices include Foil Imprint (Gold or Silver). Setup Charge $80 (c) 4C
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Inventory Check

Code Photo Size Available Inventory On order (Approx. Delivery Date)
PFN8401 4" x 6" -250
PFN8402 5"x 7" 0

*Please note, inventory is available on a first come, first serve basis. Inventory will be allocated to orders as they are received.